Golden Chain’s preferred supplier of comfy beds are SleepMaker.

While the views of an amazing bustling city or an idyllic country locale, the many exciting amenities or the close proximity to travel hotspots can attract travellers, it’s the creature comfort simplicity of the humble bed that can be the best thing Golden Chain accommodation provides when it comes to living out of a suitcase. They provide the quality combination of freshly clean and well maintained sheets, pillows, doona and a comfortable mattress to give you the peaceful slumber you deserve during a busy trip, leaving you feeling more relaxed than when you arrived.

Golden Chain accommodation beds range from great quality pillow top single and twin single beds to king size beds to cater for all kinds of travellers including singles, couples, families, seniors and corporates, guaranteeing that everyone will get a good night’s rest. In some properties, an electric blanket is available during the cold winter months. Knowing that you don’t have to do any of the washing and cleaning makes it that much more fun!

The most popular and best things to do during down time on a trip is to read a great book or watch an entertaining movie or show either on regular television or Foxtel programs while snuggled up in bed. You’ll be keen to replicate that comfortable feeling when you get home.